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whatsapp:+86 13904053308
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20 years of focus on the machine communication fiber optic cable industry!

Oufu fiber optic cable service customers are located in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Africa and other regions

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We have stable, professional, and efficient research and development of optical cables, with our main personnel having years of experience in communication cable research and development. We possess first-class professional skills, rigorous work style, and rich experience in optical cable research and development

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Located in the Northeast region of China, our company benefits from the region's renowned industrial expertise. With over 70 years of industrial experience, the Northeast region is home to many world-class large-scale factories, such as Intel, BMW, SKF, and CANON. This rich industrial heritage ensures that our products are of the highest quality and utilize cutting-edge technology.

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Focusing on fiber optic cable production for 20 years and winning the trust and support of nearly 5000 customers!

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